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Important Update: 
Presbytery Approval

Our Transition Team Report to Presbytery was reviewed by the Pastoral Relations Committee, and Trinity’s request to define our ministry needs in order to declare a ministry position vacancy was approved.

There is some urgency on our part to complete the supporting documentation before Christmas. The Transition Team would like to obtain the necessary approvals, to place the call for a new minister, before the end of January 2017. If we can complete the work as planned our vacancy will be posted by the end of January or in early February 2017.  To do this The Transition Team needs your input at our next Congregational Workshop.


December 3, 2016 ~ 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM


Members of the congregation are invited to participate in this workshop to review the ministry needs identified through the work of the transition process and the workbooks “Describing Trinity’s Mission and Ministry” that will be submitted by members of the congregation.

Once that review has been completed (we are allocating two hours for this process)… we will break for light lunch (please bring your own bagged lunch, tea/coffee will be provided) and then return to rank… in Priority… the following seven Mission and Ministry Categories identified in the workbook “Describing Ministry Needs”. We are allocating two (2) hours for this activity.

It would be greatly appreciated if you would sign up for the workshop so we can better plan resource requirements for the event. A sign-up sheet is available in the foyer or email Transition Team Secretary [email protected]

The exercise which you are being asked to complete will provide the foundational information to complete Trinity’s Mission and Ministry Profile. The Ministry and Mission profile works with seven categories to describe local ministry activities. This work is being done to clarify goals as part of the work to declare a ministry personnel position vacancy at Trinity and will be fundamental to stating Trinity’s Mission and Ministry Priorities. It is important to remember that you are not only considering current goals/activities, you are being asked to identify future goals/activities as we are moving into a new pastoral relationship. The future goals have been identified through the work of the transition process and shared with you through the Transition Team newsletter and reports.  Please fill out this document to share your input at the following link:  Ministry questions

Special Congregational Meeting Update:

Thank you to everyone who attended last Sunday’s Special Congregational Meeting. The Transition Team Report and the motions that were passed have been sent to Four Rivers Presbytery requesting approval for Trinity to discern its ministry needs in order to declare a ministry position vacancy.  To see the motions, schedule and nomination form for Interview Team Members follow this link:  Newsletter 11

An Interview Team committee is being established to conduct interviews for our new minister.  Are you interested or interested in nominating someone?  Read below for more information.

Nomination Form for Interview Team Members

When considering who to ask to be a part of your Interview Team, consider the following:

¨ Who is a good listener? Who will listen to the voices of those who aren’t on the Interview Team and be able to speak on their behalf?

¨ Who is comfortable with communication, especially email with attachments, websites and fill-able forms? (Applications are forwarded to Interview Teams by email)

¨ How can you find a good cross section of your Local Ministry Unit?

¨ Have you taken advantage of gifts/experiences in your midst (e.g. Human Resources/Interviewing)

Please nominate others or put your own name forward. It is not a requirement for Interview Team members to be members of The United Church of Canada, and can be adherents (active participants but not members) and members. Members of your current Ministry and Personnel Committee should not be asked to serve; as it is an unhelpful dual role in the church. In addition, former ministers and/or their family members, if still involved in the congregation, should not be recruited.

A good number for the team is between 5 and 7. This is not customarily a long-term commitment, and every member is expected to be present for the training and all interviews with applicants.  For the nomination form follow the link and go to page 3 of the newsletter:  Nomination form, page 3

Letter from Moderator:  Click here to view letter.

BC Conference UCW hosts 55th anniversary:  For more information >

Please remember items for the Smiths Falls Food Bank. Protein items are always needed, especially canned fish and meat, and peanut butter.  Variety beans, of any kind – white kidney, black beans, etc, and lentils are another good choice.  Having said all those “good food” words, the items the food bank never purchases and are extremely short of are crackers and cookies.