Rev Christopher Ryan
Annual Report
16 January 2018
Luke 10:25-37 Contemporary English Version (CEV)

An expert in the Law of Moses stood up and asked Jesus a question to see what he would say. “Teacher,” he asked, “what must I do to have eternal life?”
Jesus answered, “What is written in the Scriptures? How do you understand them?”
The man replied, “The Scriptures say, ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind.’ They also say, ‘Love your neighbors as much as you love yourself.’”
Jesus said, “You have given the right answer. If you do this, you will have eternal life.”
But the man wanted to show that he knew what he was talking about. So he asked Jesus, “Who are my neighbors?”

To which Jesus replied with the parable of the Good Samaritan.

Then Jesus asked, “Which one of these three people was a real neighbor to the man who was beaten up by robbers?”

Knowing what the greatest commandments were, was nothing new. Everybody agreed. Jesus did not introduce this teaching.

Expanding the understanding of “neighbour” and declaring a Samaritan a hero in doing so was new… radically so. Jesus was criticized for his broader understanding, his new teaching and inclusion.

The United Church of Canada and Trinity understands this.

Trinity has a way of understanding what it means to be a traditional congregation and a living community in a changing world; always recognizable and always new. This is how we bring that which is comforting and familiar yet remain relevant in a dynamic environment. Our Home is always fresh.
Coming through transition we could have chosen “New look, same great taste,” changing the box but still eating Corn Flakes. Instead Trinity maintains a familiar look and feel while adapting ministry priorities and adopting initiatives that address the needs of the community in which we reside,… today. Thus, when you come home to Trinity you know where you are, and you can see how we matter in new ways… “Familiar feel, nourishment for today.” This is part of what we call the Trinity Experience.

Our Communications Team lives the Trinity Experience well. I first visited Trinity via the Web two years ago when I was asked to take a service in February. I looked to see what Trinity was about. It was impressive and helpful. I visited the Website again, two years later, in March. I wanted to approach an application to serve as your Minister in an informed manner. Everything seemed new and even better while remaining distinctly Trinity. I was quickly drawn in and engaged.

The Spiritual Leadership Team takes care that Worship seems familiar while inviting participation from the broader community by including new people and forms. Services with special intent honour other agencies that serve Smiths Falls while Trinity on Tuesday is an expression of our desire to find a way, place and time to be church that is accessible for busy families.

The Christian Community Team remains faithful in providing care within the congregation and beyond. True to the Trinity Experience, new ways of expressing care in community are being explored such as Healing Pathway and Home Communion for Members and Friends with limited mobility. We offer thanksgiving to a resident artist and another benefactor for helping us send some 470 Christmas Cards.

The Outreach and Social Justice Team was the subject of interest late in 2017 and will be formally populated in early 2018. It is anticipated that a number of concerns will be animated in the coming year such as: Indigenous Reconciliation, LBGTQ2 Justice and Inclusion, Community Support, Food Security and Environmental Stewardship.

Our Stewards and Treasurer have been busy guiding Team Leadership through the process of writing a Narrative Budget. It was inspiring to see how our congregational Leaders were able to breathe passion into a process that sounds less than exciting at the beginning. This was representative of the hope and intent of a Narrative Budget – to express life and meaning in all our communication … including the budget.

I cannot comment on the importance of the UCW without immediately feeling awed and humbled. We are blessed through the UCW with great strength in leadership and service.

While Property and Trustees are totally different, both work quietly and effectively. Investments are sound while repairs, maintenance and minor modifications happen around us,… silently … and seemingly at night.

And of course, every month, men get together, tell the same stories in a way that remains interesting, fun and fresh. This is a mystery of good fellowship. We manage to eat breakfast too.

My first few months among you have been wonderful. I enjoyed my two decades away. It was important ministry. I was well ready to come home and here you were. Trinity feels immediately familiar. Trinity also feels fresh.
Many new adventures in ministry lay ahead as we Connect, Inspire and Serve together.

Blessings All,

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Upcoming Services
Palm Sunday Procession

March 25, 2018 at10:30 a.m.

Maundy Thursday

March 29, 2018 at 6 p.m. A time for remembering the Jewish Seder Jesus shared with his disciples and for a special honouring and remembering the Last Supper. Potluck at 6:00p.m.

Good Friday

March 30, 2018 at 10:30 a.m. Tenebrae: Service of Shadows, commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus.
12:00pm Good Friday Procession

Easter Morning

April 1, 2018 at 7 a.m. Sunrise Communion, 8:00 a.m. Breakfast, 10:30a.m. Easter Sunday Worship

Trinity Tuesday:  Alternative Services : 6:00-7:00 pm
Easy Supper at 6:00 pm ~ Program to follow ~ Fellowship Hall

1st Tuesday of each month – RELAX – All Ways. Any Ways, Trinity Fits

Something like Sunday, Someday unlike Sunday, Come as you are, come as you can, Your Worship Your Way

2nd Tuesday of each month – COFFEE HOUSE Art Based – Comfortable, Quiet, Chill

Come and Chill Up the Hill, Art and Coffee

Perhaps a song, we’ll hum along, Spirit led, format free

3rd Tuesday of each month – MESSY CHURCH – Biblical Craft short celebration

Story, prayer, song and games  for and includes people of all ages

4th Tuesday of each month – JESUS JAM ~ Bring an instrument Play as you feel ~Lead ~ Learn as you want ~Teach as you are able~ Listen and Enjoy

Brief devotional and prayer

5th Tuesday (if there is one) – Program provided by Council Teams

Palm Sunday Brunch

March 25, 2018 after the church service.  We are serving Blueberry French Toast, Wife Saver Casserole and a gluten free quiche.  The proceeds of a free will offering will help us fund children going to camp.

New To You Sale

The sale will be on April 28, 2018.  There will be gently used ‘baby to adult’ clothing, jewellery, accessories, and small household items.

Notice from Christian Community

If you have had a change in contact information (address, telephone, email) or if you live in a rural area and we do not have your civic address, please contact the Church Office.

Church Treasurer

Trinity is looking for someone to take on the leadership role as Church Treasurer.  If you are interested please contact the Church Office.

Rainbow Sabbath

Every 2nd Friday of each month in the Church Hall. A potluck supper at 6pm and is followed by spiritual readings of one’s own choice.  It is a safe, non-judgemental space for members of the LGBTQ community and those who support them.

Volunteers Needed!

Christian Community (Caring Ministry)

Be part of a Team that visits regularly at the Retirement/Nursing Homes, home visits, keeping tabs on those missing from church by phone or card writing.  Call the church for more information:  613-283-4444

Fundraising Coordinator

Your Nominating Team invites you to share your gift of time and talent by considering the following opportunities to serve:  Stewardship Team is in need of a Fund-Raising Coordinator: someone who likes to organize and plan the proposed fund-raising projects and to bring some new ideas to contribute to Trinity’s financial sustainability.

Library Volunteer

The Spiritual Leadership Team is looking for someone to maintain inventory and care for the library.  Who wouldn’t want to be a volunteer?  If you are interested, please contact the church office.

Audio-Visual Crew Volunteers Needed

We are looking to recruit more technicians.  You could be part of the crew that records our worship services for Cogeco viewers, manages the sound system during worship services, and sometimes funeral services, and have the best seat in the house.  Training is provided.  If you are a student (you don’t need to be) or know a student who might be interested, your time counts towards the mandatory volunteer hours for high school diploma.  Besides it is a cool job.  Send your name to s[email protected] and ask her to forward it to Bill.

Recruiter for Ushers

We need someone to help organize ushers for each Sunday.  If you are interested, please see Ron Botham.

Upcoming Meetings

Stewardship Team:  3rd Monday of each month at 6:30pm

Spiritual Leadership Team:  1st Monday of each month at 7pm

Bookclub:  4th Monday of each month at 7pm

Prayer Shawl group:  2nd Monday of every second month in the church parlour at 1:30pm.  Next meeting is in November.


We have a new defibrillator in the vestibule, we also have a sign on the window to alert anyone outside in case of emergency on the other side of the door.

Meat Pies

Made with Special Care by Trinity Cooks, available after service each Sunday morning in the kitchen, $3.00 each.  Fundraiser in support of the life and work of Trinity.