About Us

church_photoMission Statement

“Trinity United Church is a christian community that celebrates and loves God. By seeking justice, peace and prosperity for all, we serve God, our members, our community and beyond.”

Trinity Serves By

Accompanying and supporting each other through times of celebration and sorrow.Offering ministerial resources for counselling and care to those facing times of crisis, transition and need.

Being present with people in our community who are dealing with illnesses of mind, body and soul.

Joining with community and church-based initiatives to examine common issues affecting our community.

Trinity Experience

Proclaiming the compassion of God in our local community.Telling the stories of Jesus.

Witnessing to the good news being revealed in the lives of neighbours and citizens throughout our town and beyond.

Partnering with organizations and churches committed to justice and peace.

Promoting an accepting and open-minded approach to Christian doctrine.

Studying the bible and sharing resources with each other to deepen our faith.