United Church Women

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Besides our regular meetings and fellowship time we . . .

The United Church Executive:

Four Rivers Presbyterial information

Local Presidents:  Linda Stronski (613-283-3002) and Norma Wrightly ([email protected])

National President:  Nancy Sutherland

Conference President:  Barb DeJeet from Four Rivers Presbyterial and Lyn United Church.  She may be reached at [email protected]

The United  Church Women are affiliated with the Women’s Inter-church Council of Canada and through the National UCW a woman is appointed to the Council for a three year term.  WICC provides the December 06: Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women and World Day of Pray services, plus much more.

National UCW

Trinity’s UCW Co-President are Brenda King and Linda Stronski.

Eastern Ontario Outaouais Regional  UCW Co-Presidents are Kim Baird and Linda Stronski

National UCW President is Beulah Haley from Charlottetown Newfoundland.

The UCW guidelines may be found here.


As women of faith,
We believe in nurturing Christian spirituality
by reaching out
through commitment and devotion
to all God’s people
in the promotion of truth, justice, peace,
caring, and respect
for all throughout the earth, God’s world;
We believe in honouring God the Creator,
and loving others through generous giving
and joyful living;
And we believe in affirming and
strengthening ourselves
both individually and together
through creative study, prayer, and action.

Mission Statement

Love God
Foster Christian commitment, faithfulness, and spirituality.
Promote respect and love for all God’s creation.


To unite women of the
congregation for the total
mission of the church and to
be a means by which we
may express our loyalty and
devotion to Jesus Christ
in Christian witness, study,
fellowship, and service.

How do I become a member of the UCW? Membership is open to any woman who is in agreement with the Purpose of the United Church Women, and who is willing to participate on a regular basis with her prayers, gifts, and services for the work of the church in the world.

How do I know what Unit I should join? Trinity’s UCW has two Units: The Friendship unit, which meets the first Wednesday of the month, usually in the evening at the church. The other is the New Horizons Unit, which meets in the evening on the second Tuesday of the month in the Church Parlour.

Our suggestion would be to visit each group and decide which one best suits you. Linda and I, both, feel that this is the only way you will feel truly part of the UCW.

Contact Information:

Friendship Unit: Ann Marleau, 205-0390

New Horizons Unit: Linda Stronski, 283-3002