Trinity’s Choir 2019

Choir News

Wendy Earl is new Music Director at Trinity Wendy joined us again in June 2017. She was organist and choir director from 1987-2004. She retired from position so she and husband Winston could winter in warm south but have been back to area at couple of years now. Wendy is Graduate of Carillon Certificate program at Carleton University with the Dominion Carilloneur, on Parliament Hill.


In September of 1950, my mother decided at should begin to study the piano. I had turned 4 in July of that year, and I guess she did not want to wastes time. She was wonderful piano player, piano teacher, and very involved the festival scene in Toronto. By next year, I was performing in competitions (called festivals those days in Toronto). The Kiwanis Club of Ontario seem the place travelled to Sarnia, Peterborough, Brockville, and of course, the Eaton’s Auditorium in Toronto. As well, I took Trinity College of Music exams every year. I have been a performer ever since.

In school, I was always in band playing the French Horn. My instructor just happened to Reg Barrow, principle French Horn with the Toronto Symphony. When we moved from Toronto to Merrickville in 1963, I went to High School in Kemptville. Louise Atchison and I decided the school really at choir started one. She introduced me to pipe organ, as organist at St. James Anglican in Kemptville. Louise as accompanist the North Grenville Concert Choir for many years, and she has recently started a new choir, the Swinging Singing Seniors. I was the accompanist for their production of “’Till We Meet Again”.

In 1979 I saw in Smiths Falls paper from Ron Bingley, the organist at Trinity United who looking for organ students. It turned out was actually looking for students for spinet organs, those little 13-pedal instruments that were popular in 70’s. He ended up with me. While I was studying with Ron, (a student of Sir Alfred Whitehead), he moved to Wall Street Church

In 2004, I retired from Trinity and the organ as Winston and I wanted to pass the winter months in South Texas. By third winter, was playing the organ for Donna First United Methodist Church. To manual Allen, and no one to play it. I played for November and December, the organ for Christmas. We always had Advent Sunday even carol service outside in garden, and the choir performed cantata every year as well.

Four years ago, we stopped travelling to Texas the winter. Of course, shortly thereafter, the United Church in town some help for “summer months”. I am still there, with two manuals, and choir of 9, plus minister who sings bass.

In 2003, Winston and I were in Florida during February. A gardening friend had told us best thing in Florida was the Bok Sanctuary Garden. We end up on Martin Luther King Day, and spent hour sitting under live oak, listening to glorious sound of spirituals and jazz played on carillon.

That’s where THIS started.

If you would like join Wendy in Trinity’s choir she would love to have you. Choir practice on Sunday mornings at 8:30am.

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